About us

With the emergence of digital financial and extra-financial reporting, three passionate created Corporatings to support investors in their day to day data related activities and provide them with their data expertise.

Support and feed investors

Data specialists dedicated to investors, Corporatings has to objectives : building the best solutions for investors to access data while raising data quality and granularity standards.

Specialized in data mining and information technologies we put our expertise at the service of investors to help them gather the data they need in ordre to feed their financial and extra-financial model. 

Quality and responsiveness is ensured by a short cicruit directly linked to primary source of data.

Our Team

Marc Houllier


Polytechnic engineer, specialist in complex data processing.
He designs the architecture of the information system and the data extraction methods.

Alexandre Prat-Fourcade, CFA


Former financial analyst at an insurer and a fintech, he is also a CFA Charterholder.
He conceptualizes the needs of investors and structures the database.

Cyril Manssens


Management of transversal projects and BtoB relationship, in a large group and a fintech.
He looks for partners, customers and sets up the communication strategy.

IT Development Team

Both engineers and entrepreneurs they build the database, tools and client interface

Team Member

Team Member