Raw data as a service

Discover a new way of working with investment data. We provide a tailor made services to gather data from various reports and format. We also provide various format to feed your analyses.


We gather data only from primary sources. We do not recalculate or restate numbers.


We are able to get data from footnotes or disclosures.


We provide an excel add-in to access these data as simply as possible.

Key milestone

Our team of experts is at your side throughout the transformation of your data acquisition process


Set up phase

We work together to define the best data lake to meet your needs. You can provide financial index, KPI or just the template that you are used to filling.



We train our bot to collect these data and feed you with sample to verify the quality of the data.



Your organisation benefits from a privileged interface to access data.

Contact us

Get in touch with our team to set up your data access.

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